I offer a variety of services that will help you to live and lead from a place of authenticity and strength. Contact me for a complimentary discussion on how I can support you on your journey to living into your fullest self.


Transformational leadership experiences can be a milestone in a leader’s development journey. I combine years of experience with executive level global leadership programs in both the corporate and public sectors, with a strong skills focus on strategic execution, operational efficiency, financial accountability and knowledge sharing to design, deliver and manage all aspects of leadership programs from development to implementation.

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Leadership coaching supports you in aligning your behaviors and mindset with achieving the results that are most important to your long-term success and happiness.  Using a process of reflection, exploration and a commitment to action, I will help you to discover what really matters in your leadership and life, explore what's holding you back and support you to take action to bring that to life.  
Through coaching you will gain greater awareness and understanding of your whole self, your impact on others, and how this contributes to your ability to meet personal, family, team and organizational goals.

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Group coaching is a facilitated process that allows you to come together with other leaders to navigate your challenges in a peer supported environment. Group coaching offers an opportunity to draw from the learnings of others as you share your experiences, clarify your thinking through opening to different perspectives and leverage group accountability to take action to resolve whatever is holding you back. I hold the space for the group to develop an environment of trust and support, that will allow you to feel a sense of belonging and to grow and develop with confidence.

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For many women, an inner tension arises when you become disconnected from who you really are. Or when you try to fit into someone else’s definition of success. Or when you deny your own desires. Or when you hide … out of fear, self-doubt, or humility.

This tension is a sign that your brilliance is calling. So, Her Brilliance is dedicated to supporting you to embrace your brilliance so that you can live and lead with more ease, balance, joy, and meaning.

We use the power of community and a customized coaching approach to help you to share your brilliance more fully with the world.

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