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#2 Finding the Gifts in 2020

There is no denying it has been a year we won’t forget. Many of us gave up on our hopes and dreams in March, and since then have focused on surviving the challenges and uncertainty.

But what if, this year has given you more than you realize? Often it takes the benefit of hindsight to be able to recognize the gifts in a difficult situation.

I recently attended a webinar in which I was asked What gifts have you received in 2020?

I was surprised by what I discovered when I took the time to reflect on this question. I realized that the involuntary professional pivot that I made as a result of the cancellation of in-person leadership programs, had opened up a new world of possibilities. I received the gift of courage to follow my passion for women’s leadership development. I received the gift of clarity that this is the work that I want to be devoted to. I received the gift of letting go of all the shoulds and following my heart.

If you are still not yet in a place to appreciate what this year has to offer, perhaps you could take some inspiration from a series of questions I was asked about my favorite things from 2020. Here are my answers, what are yours?

1. Book(s) read - Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. It's a fabulous reminder that we are in control of our choices, and that the right choices will enable us to channel our energies into making the highest contribution of our skills and talents.

2. Ted talk - Rachael Jayne Groover: How to be unshakeable when all eyes are on you. The art of connecting to your unique presence to communicate in a more compelling way.

3. Podcast - How I Built This with Guy Roz. Our road trip podcast of choice. The whole family was captivated by the inspirational stories of perseverance and success. The 2020 adaptation to How I Built Resilience was timely and effective.

4. #1 Holiday gift to give - Inspirational jewelry that reminds the women and girls in our lives that they are capable of amazing things.

5. Silver linings of 2020 - Slowing down; an opportunity to reassess what is important in life; quality family time without the usual rush of sports and social commitments.

Lingering Thought: What was the unexpected gift that you received from 2020?

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