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#1 Introducing Mini Musings

Oooh, the title of that article/blog post/email is intriguing! It is something you’d love to read about. But even a 5-minute read seems overwhelming. So, you skim the text trying to take in the key messages or file it away to read later, when you have more time. Despite all the hope and good intentions, that time rarely comes.

We are all busy women, with too much to do and too many people reliant on us. We are also women with aspirations, a need and desire to learn and grow, to become the person we know we can be, or we were once and want to be again. We crave inspiration, connection compassion and understanding. We just don’t have the capacity to take in any more information. That’s where the Mini Musings comes in.

Mini Musings are designed help you carve out the smallest commitment to yourself to inspire you to what is possible in your leadership and life.

The Mini Musings will be a regular, weekly(ish), soundbite of inspiration. It will take up no more than a minute or two of your time. It will contain reflections, ideas or insights that I have discovered in my ongoing quest for a life of meaning, fulfillment, success, happiness, love, respect and validation, that I hope will resonate with you.

I share these snippets not as an expert, but as a fellow traveler on this journey. I hope it inspires you, comforts you, reassures and supports you. I hope it helps you recognize and activate your unique brilliance and (re)claim your leadership in your work, at home or wherever it is that you manifest your strengths, gift and talents for the benefit of the world.

Watch your inbox or social media feed for upcoming editions of Mini Musings.

Lingering Thoughts: What sparks your inspiration? What is your secret aspiration for yourself?

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